We focus primarily on three types of investment opportunities:

Broad Investment Mandate

Our flexibility allows us to engage with a broad range of companies, assets, funds, and partners in complex or special situations. As a result, we have a broad network and are able to select amongst the best transactions from a diverse set of asset classes. We have built a unique personal financing business that addresses the objectives of successful entrepreneurs, investment managers and other high net-worth individuals with illiquid assets and unique access to interesting private situations. 

Self-liquidating, short-duration cash-on-cash capital recovery
Strong direct asset coverage, although we have a broad appetite for asset types give sponsor subordination
Upside participation, albeit often disproportionately weighted toward our partners

We are flexible.

We compete aggressively in relation to speed, certainty of close, and tolerance for complexity.

We are opportunistic.

We are not compelled to invest at a particular pace, size, or format, therefore we focus on investible circumstances rather than a single mandate.

We have low tolerance for principal risk.

We typically exchange asymmetric security or structural protection for disproportionate upside sharing.

We have strong negative controls.

We are willing but reluctant to directly impact asset management or day-to-day operations.

We have a short duration bias

We favor self-liquidating or incentive constructs that return a substantial portion of our basis within two years.

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Core Investment Philosophy

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